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Welcome to the BremerMisjpoge

Misjpoge, the Yiddish word for ‘family’, encompasses both the lineage and all the descendants of the Mozes and Dina Bremer-Salomon line. We are part of a long-standing historical and, partly, present-day tradition; of people who, throughout the ages, have laughed and cried together, who read and studied intently, who prayed and worked hard, and who above all had faith in their God and the belief that their children should someday know a better life.

Our family tree, which can be found on this site, follows the characteristic hourglass shape of European Jewish families. The ‘chink’ in our family tree indicates the time when our family line was quite nearly forever extinguished; though it recovered, the losses suffered can never be healed.

That we are still here is partly thanks to them. Not only the survivors who continued to produce children and grandchildren, but also those who could not reproduce as a result of being brutally murdered have had an equally significant impact on our family tree, which but for that horrible time would have looked very different today.

This website also hopes to be a standing monument for all those family members who, while part of our family and history, did not get the chance to fulfill their usual roles in said family history due to the shoah; as a son, daughter, parent, partner, grandparent or other family member. Their story, which is part of our communal history, we intend to write down, report, and pass on to others.

We wish to honour their names and lives, for – as the old Jewish saying goes – you are only gone once you have been forgotten.
We want to document and immemorialise their existence; as a link in the chain of Bremers, as the motif in our family narrative, from generation to generation – or, as they say in Hebrew, (Lè dor wè dor)
 לדור ודור.

Would you make a financial support to the BremerMisjpoge Foundation , your donations are more than welcome
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