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children Mozes and Dina


Here you will find questions for which we could use your help to find the answers.
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As far as we know, Moses Levi and Dina Salomons had seven children.

  • Hartog Moses (1750),

  • Isaac Moses (1756) - went to The Hague,

  • Esther Moses (1758) - went to Dordrecht,

  • Matje Moses (1759),

  • Marianne Moses (1764) - left for Hoorn,

  • Hijman Moses (1769),

  • Branca Moses (1770).

Between 1750 and 1756 there are no data found by us about births from the union between Moses and Dina. Nor between 1759 and 1764 or between 1764 and 1769.
Conceivably, looking at the frequency of births by which their children  were  born, there may have been more children; born in these intervals. However, in the Amsterdam archives nothing was found in that direction.
Were these childless years, were children stillborn in this period, is something overlooked, or has the family temporarily lived elsewhere?

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