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Connection Bremer and Breemer


Here you will find questions for which we could use your help to find the answers.
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There is a Jewish family Breemer in Amsterdam, with whom no known family ties are found yet.
For the Bremer "branche" Hijman Moses Breemer (note, with 'ee'!) has  adopted the name 'Bremer' on December 4, 1811.

Because within the known data the names Bremer and Breemer both are used, it is suspected that a family tie might exist between the two families. To date this relationship has not been found, except that some persons administratively registered under the name Breemer (see, eg, Joseph Isaac Breemer (born 1781 in Amsterdam, but moved to The Hague) and Nathan Levie Breemer (born 1830 in Dordrecht), signed themselves with Breemer and gave the name to their offspring). In short, indeed some Breemers, but all outside Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam the earliest documented Breemer, is Nathan Moses Breemer. Nathan Moses was the son of Moses Breemer and Rijkje Emanuel Ameland, and married March 3, 1819 Rachel Salomon Voddezoeker. Like Moses Levie and Dina Salomons, founders of the Jewish Bremer family, we can say that Nathan Moses and Rachel Salomon, were founders of the Amsterdam Jewish Breemer tree.

The question therefore arises:

  • Is there a family connection between Moses Levie and Nathan Moses?

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