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Dina Salomons Schoelapper


Here you will find questions for which we could use your help to find the answers.
If you have information that may help us with the investigation, we ask you to mail this information:  to info@bremermisjpoge.nl
, or via the lt contact form . You can also contact us regarding your own questions, or for additions to or comments on our website.

Of course we are also very interested in further information about Dina Salomons (birth date, did she have brothers and/or sisters, etc.)

We know that Dina  probably  was the daughter of  Salomon  Nathans Schoelapper and Ester Isaac Polido and that she was born around 1723.
As far as known, from the marriage of Salomon Nathans and Esther Isaac only daughters were born.
The sisters of Dina Salomons were:

  • Branca Salomons [born around 1723 and deceased December 30, 1762 in Amsterdam]

  • Anna Salomons [born around 1737 and deceased October 12, 1816 in Amsterdam]

  • Sara Salomons [born around 1739 and deceased August 31, 1811 in Amsterdam]

  • Eva Salomons [born around 1743 and deceased May 30, 1820 Amsterdam].

The questions that concern us are:

  • Were  Salomon Nathans Schoelapper and Ester Isaac Polido really parents of Dina Salomons (until the contrary is proved, we hold this for true)?

  • Were Dina and her sister Branca twins?

And finally:

  • Between the birth of Dina/Branca and the next sister Anna Salomons is almost 14 years. Are there any other children born in this period?

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