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Moses Levij van breemen


Here you will find questions for which we could use your help to find the answers. If you have information that may help us with the investigation, we ask you to mail this information to , or via the lt contact form . You can also contact us regarding your own questions, or for additions to or comments on our website.

Moses Levij of Breemen or Mozes Levie Bremer

The Dutch ancestor of our Bremer family married Dina Salomons Schoelapper in Amsterdam on April 24, 1749. At that time our known family history begins, and from that time a significant part of the family is mapped. Much is already known to us, however, there are still open questions. Our efforts to date have not yet led to an answer to those. The current questions are the following:

How can we go back further in time, or in other words; who were the ancestors of Moshe ben Leib and where and when exactly was Moses Levie born?

Recently, we have expanded our research and sent our questions to the State Archives Bremen, where Prof. Dr. Konrad Wilhelm Elmshäuser pointed to a Wilhelm Godfried (formerly answering to the name of Rabbi Levi Lissa).

Supposedly, Rabbi  Levi (from Lissa, in -now- Poland) was -after his conversion- in Bremen active as a teacher at the "Altes Gymnasium" or "Athenaeum Illustre" under the name Wilhelm Godfried. There are several sources that show this (lt lt see Annex
), which does not mean that there actually is a family connection.
This Levi probably also was in Amsterdam, and we suspect a family relationship with one Joseph (also from Lissa).
'Our' Moses Levij from Bremen could read and write (as could Dina Salomons), which may indicate a descent from a well educated family.
The children of one of his daughters (Esther Moses) have adopted the name of the mother. According to the archivist of the Dutch city of Dordrecht such happened if either the family of the woman donated (a lot of) money to the community, or if the family was of high standing, for example, with a well respected Rabbi in the family.

Questions that are keeping us busy include:

  • How do we find the ancestors of Moshe ben Leib?

     What we know is that probably the father should have been known under the name Levi (Leib). The place of origin is likely to be Bremen, as on the act of betrothal is listed Moses Levij from Breemen.

  • We also know that both Moses Levie Bremer as Dina Salomons are buried in the Muiderberg Jewish cemetery, near Amsterdam. U nfortunately we have not been able to find the exact location of the graves in the (to us) available sources.

  • Is there to be found a t ombstone of Moses and /or Dina in Muiderberg?

  • What is the actual wedding date of Moses and Dina and are more data available?

  • Is there (in the Amsterdam archives) a marriage certificate or e.g. ketubah (religious marriage / contract) of Moses Levie and Dina preserved, and may there be (a copy of) the Ketubah available?

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